Recombinant laminin-511 (BG iMatrix-511 Silk)

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350 ug
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BG iMatrix 511 Silk is a chemically defined, animal-free, and xeno-free laminin-511 E8 fragment. Laminin-511 is well known to bind to integrin α6ß1, which is located on the cell surface and acts as a substrate for stem cell culture media for various cell types including ESCs and iPSCs. Recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments are truncated, functional forms of laminin composed of the C-terminal regions of the alpha, beta, and gamma chains. Laminin-511 E8 (150 kDa) retains the full capability for binding to alpha 6 beta 1 integrin. 

The 350ug size is supplied as 2x175ug vials. The 1050ug size is supplied as 6x175ug vials.    

Review the Data Sheet and Product Brochure for more details. 

Additional Information

Cell Culture
Research Interest: Stem Cell Research
Cell Type: Stem Cells
Application: Cell Culture
Application Notes:
0.5mg/mL in PBS(-).

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