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Anti-Mouse TIGIT PE

Catalog Number : 81812-60


The 1G9 monoclonal antibody specifically binds to the mouse TIGIT, expressed on the T helper cells. While in humans it is expressed also on natural killer cells, Treg cells, memory CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes. TIGIT is not expressed on B cells and is upregulated on CD4+ T cells following activation.TIGIT interacts with CD155, and mediates the interaction between natural killer cells or T lymphocytes with APC and fibroblasts and endothelial cells expressing PVR or PVR-like proteins.

Additional Information

Mouse IgG1, kappa
Research Interest: Adaptive Immunity
Cell Type: T Cells, NK and NKT Cells
The product should be stored undiluted at 4°C and should be protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze. The monoclonal antibody was purified utilizing affinity chromatography and unreacted dye was removed from the product.
Phosphate-buffered aqueous solution, ≤0.09% Sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer, ph7.2.

Levin, S. D., Taft, D. W., Brandt, C. S., Bucher, C., Howard, E. D., Chadwick, E. M., ... & Lewis, K. E. (2011). Vstm3 is a member of the CD28 family and an important modulator of T-cell function. European journal of immunology41(4), 902-915.

Joller, N., Hafler, J. P., Brynedal, B., Kassam, N., Spoerl, S., Levin, S. D., ... & Kuchroo, V. K. (2011). Cutting edge: TIGIT has T cell-intrinsic inhibitory functions. The Journal of Immunology186(3), 1338-1342.

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