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Anti-Mouse CD45.1 Purified

Catalog Number : 07522-20


The A20 antibody reacts with mouse CD45.1, also known as Ly5.1, which is a strain-specific allelic form of the CD45 Leukocyte Common Antigen (LCA). Functionally, CD45 is a protein tyrosine phosphatase whose broad cell distribution supports a critical role in many leukocyte functions, including regulation of signal transduction and cell activation associated with the T cell and B cell receptors. The A20 antibody is typically used as a leukocyte marker in Ly5.1 mouse strains: SJL/J, DA, STS/A and RIII. The antibody has been demonstrated to specific for CD45.1 and is not cross-reactive with CD45.2 bearing cells.

Additional Information

Mouse IgG2a, kappa
Research Interest: Adaptive Immunity
Cell Type: B Cells, Monocytes and Macrophages, NK and NKT Cells, T Cells
The product should be stored undiluted at 4°C and should be protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze. The monoclonal antibody was purified utilizing affinity chromatography and unreacted dye was removed from the product.
Phosphate-buffered aqueous solution, ≤0.09% Sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer, ph7.2.

Shen, F.W. (1981) Monoclonal antibodies to mouse lymphocyte differentiation alloantigens. Monoclonal Antibodies and T-Cell Hybridomas: Perspectives and Technical Advances. G.J. Hämmerling, U. Hämmerling, and J.F. Kearney, editors. Elsevier/North-Holland, Amsterdam. pp. 25–31.

Yakura, H. I. D. E. T. A. K. A., Kawabata, I., Shen, F. W., & Katagiri, M. (1986). Selective inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced polyclonal IgG response by monoclonal Ly-5 antibody. The Journal of Immunology136(8), 2729-2733.

Yakura, H., Shen, F. W., Bourcet, E., & Boyse, E. A. (1983). On the function of Ly-5 in the regulation of antigen-driven B cell differentiation. Comparison and contrast with Lyb-2. The Journal of experimental medicine157(4), 1077-1088.

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