Anti-Human CD253 (TRAIL) PE

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The RIK-2 monoclonal antibody recognizes human CD253, otherwise known as the TNF-related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL) or tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily member 10 (TNFSF10). TRAIL is a cytotoxic protein, which activates rapid apoptosis in tumor cells, but not in normal cells. TRAIL-induced apoptosis is achieved through binding to two death-signaling receptors, DR4 and DR5. These receptors belong to the TNFR superfamily of transmembrane proteins, and contain a cytoplasmic "death domain", which activates the cell's apoptotic machinery. The RIK-2 antibody is reported to block cellular apoptosis induced by TRAIL.

Additional Information

Mouse IgG1, kappa
Research Interest: Apoptosis
Application: FC
Clone: RIK-2
The product should be stored undiluted at 4°C and should be protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze. The monoclonal antibody was purified utilizing affinity chromatography and unreacted dye was removed from the product.
Phosphate-buffered aqueous solution, ≤0.09% Sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer, ph7.2.

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Kaplan, M. J., Ray, D., Mo, R. R., Yung, R. L., & Richardson, B. C. (2000). TRAIL (Apo2 ligand) and TWEAK (Apo3 ligand) mediate CD4+ T cell killing of antigen-presenting macrophages. The Journal of Immunology164(6), 2897-2904.

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