Anti-Human CD161 BG Violet 450

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The HP-3G10 monoclonal antibody specifically binds to an 80 kDa homodimer type II membrane glycoprotein from the C-type lectin superfamily, known as the human CD161 or NKR-P1A. CD161 is expressed on most natural killer cells, subsets of CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes, γδ TCR T lymphocytes, a subset of CD3+ thymocytes, and especially on CD45RO+ T lymphocytes. Reports indicate that it may serve as a specific receptor for some natural killer cell targets and a possible stimulatory role.

BG Violet 450 conjugate is an alternative to the Pacific Blue, eFluor 450, or BD Horizon V450 dyes. It is excited by the violet (405 nm) laser, with a peak emission of 450nm.

Additional Information

BG Violet 450
Mouse IgG1, kappa
Research Interest:Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity
Cell Type:NK and NKT Cells, T Cells, Th17 cells
The product should be stored undiluted at 4°C and should be protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze. The monoclonal antibody was purified utilizing affinity chromatography and unreacted dye was removed from the product.
Phosphate-buffered aqueous solution, ≤0.09% Sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer, ph7.2.

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Cosmi, L., De Palma, R., Santarlasci, V., Maggi, L., Capone, M., Frosali, F., ... & Annunziato, F. (2008). Human interleukin 17–producing cells originate from a CD161+ CD4+ T cell precursor. The Journal of experimental medicine205(8), 1903-1916.

Exley, M., Porcelli, S., Furman, M., Garcia, J., & Balk, S. (1998). CD161 (NKR-P1A) costimulation of CD1d-dependent activation of human T cells expressing invariant Vα24JαQ T cell receptor α chains. The Journal of experimental medicine188(5), 867-876.

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