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Anti-Human CD105 (Endoglin) PE

Catalog Number : 17111-60


The SN6 monoclonal antibody specifically reacts with human CD105 (Endoglin), a 90kDA homodimeric glycoprotein expressed on vascular endothelial cells, activated macrophages, and a subset of bone marrow cells. CD105 is a marker for tumor angiogenesis research by identifying proliferating endothelium. It is also suggested to be involved in embryonic angiogenesis and cellular adhesion.
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Viable U937 cells were stained with PE SN6 in purple with relevant isotype control in blue.
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Additional Information

Mouse IgG1
Research Interest: Stem Cell Research, Angiogenesis
Cell Type: Monocytes and Macrophages, Stem Cells
The product should be stored undiluted at 4°C and should be protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze. The monoclonal antibody was purified utilizing affinity chromatography and unreacted dye was removed from the product.
Phosphate-buffered aqueous solution, ≤0.09% Sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer, ph7.2.

Pierelli, L., Bonanno, G., Rutella, S., Marone, M., Scambia, G., & Leone, G. (2001). CD105 (endoglin) expression on hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells.Leukemia & lymphoma42(6), 1195-1206.

She, X., Matsuno, F., Harada, N., Tsai, H., & Seon, B. K. (2004). Synergy between anti‐endoglin (CD105) monoclonal antibodies and TGF‐β in suppression of growth of human endothelial cells. International journal of cancer108(2), 251-257.

Seon, B. K., & Kumar, S. (2002). CD105 antibody for targeting of tumor vascular endothelial cells. In The new angiotherapy (pp. 499-515). Humana Press.

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