About BioGems

BioGems, the preferred supplier of Life Science reagents, founded by scientists to support the international scientific community with the essential products needed to accelerate life science research. We match premium-quality products and supplement our offering with excellent technical support and unmatched customer service.

BioGems has positioned itself to become a highly competitive source for a wide range of Small Molecules, Flow Cytometry Antibodies, Media Supplements, Antibodies, and a wide range of ECM's. To keep up with the rapidly advancing research fronts, BioGems continuously adds new products to its comprehensive catalog. Our products are subjected to thorough and rigorous quality and performance testing to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. Providing our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices is our goal. We are confident that our products' quality will enable us to continue achieving this goal, utilizing our highly skilled and experienced personnel.

Growing Catalog of Exceptional Quality Products

  • Small Molecules - Bioactive Small Molecules that can inhibit, activate, or modulate key biological pathways
  • Flow cytometry antibodies - Conjugated antibodies validated for Flow Cytometry.
  • Antibodies - Purified antibodies optimized for functional and in vivo studies.
  • Media Supplements - for robust cell culture growth
  • Pre-Coated ELISA kits
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Extracellular Matrices (Vitronectin, Laminin, Hydrogels…)

BioGems offers conjugated antibodies validated for flow cytometry, including CD and other markers of key cellular processes, antibodies optimized for use in functional and in vivo studies, isotype controls, buffers, dyes and more. Beyond the essentials of flow cytometry research, BioGems has the relevant reagents for Angiogenesis, Cancer, Apoptosis, Stem Cell, Innate Immunity, and Adaptive Immunity research. BioGems line of products is rapidly growing and we work with our customers to guide us in new product development.

Guaranteed Quality and Performance

BioGems is fully dedicated to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our products are subjected to a thorough quality-control evaluation to ensure the highest standards of consistent performance.

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